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Terry Hooper-Scharf

Friday, 8 October 2021

Face Book Needs To Change Name To FARCE Book.

 I was asked why I am not updating the Black Tower Face Book page. Now I am quite sure that I have explained why before...I think. Anyway....

Back in September 2020 I had been operating my FB Black Tower Comics & Books page for ten years. I had been sharing from CBO to FB since...2008 or just before. Suddenly FB had a report that I was a spammer and my blog was blocked from sharing items. I pointed out to FB hpow long I had usedd and posted to its "platform"...nothing. I appealed 20 times and then I found out that since the EU/UK laws forbidding FB and other U.S. companies spying on and using its users' info the company had literally stopped bothering correcting UK problems or mistakes or tech errorts. This s apparently happening to a lot of FB users in the UK but I am not sure about Europe.

I just automatically appealed and each time I got the message that FB did not have sufficient staff to look into all the problems. At that point I realised FB was really dead as social media. People I know were getting 24 hour or 3 day bans for posting material going against (don't laugh too heavily) "community standards". One was banned for three days for posting a photo of a stick of of seaside rock (candy) -long and pink with a white centre and the text running through it "Bite me". Pervert deserved the ban.  Then someone posted a photo of a Mars bar semi wrapped and a comment that the bars were no longer made the same way (many years ago they replaced the old bar filler with Milky Way cream). Banned as the image went against community standards. Long brown, rippled bar that you put in your mouth....wait. Maybe FB HAS got a point -I unfriended that pervert straight away!!!

Anyway, if I cannot post to my "social" page it did not affect the business page, right? Wrong. Cannot post blog links there and even worse is that I found I had messages and comments that I firstly could not respond to and then...I could not see. Also, FB has made a business page a nightmare to use and jam in junk that has NOTHING to do with your business and  "Posts" no longer exist as they used to. It took a lot of work to build up the FB business page and then I realised that it may be getting high views but it was pointless since I could not communicate with any readers/visitors. 

I remembered Yahoo 360 and years of work and Yahoo then pulling the plug without much warning. Then Yahoo groyups and over 20 years of work and...Yahoo pulled the plug. Google+ with 4 million views then...Google pulled the plug. It goes on and on and I just realised that Blogger may not be perfect but more people visit it and if Google pulls the plug on Blogger it won't make much difference as I have back-up at WordPress (see Blog List).

The internet was pushed as THE best way to sell goods and books. Never was -just a great deal of illegal uploads and downloads robbing creators of money they need. Social media was THE tool to use. Nope. There are a large number of people who will tell you that ios a lie and was used basically to get people to sign uip so their data could be mined.

So if you have asked questions on the BTC&B Farce Book page -sorry but I cannot see them but if you ask here or on the Black Tower blog I will be more than happy to respond!

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