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Terry Hooper-Scharf

Saturday, 23 October 2021

"rather plain post without lots of images"


I was asked why I do not scan or even photograph internal pages of books sent in for review if the publisher has none online.

This is a question I have dealt with many times. Firstly, I post less original material from myself to keep the thousands of CBO readers each day amused. The reason is simple. For years I have noted that I cannot afford the time to keep producing more Mega posts or original content. A post that needs research as well as images and editing can take up to five hours. The mega posts each took around 8 hours. A full day's work.

I think there were three comments on the megaposts out of the many thousands of readers who viewed them. To put that into perspective how many people -bloggers and even You Tubers- do you think stole the original material and posted as their own or took huge chunks and re-arranged them badly to be "their" original work? I'll tell you: 25

Yes, 25 people stole my work but only 3 readers bothered commenting -but the thieves blogs got many comments congratulating them on the work etc. Why would I want to put that much work and effort into posts that get ripped off and no comments?

CBO gets no support of any kind. Ten years ago, at the suggestion of two people, I added a PayPal donation box. Last time I looked it was full of internet dust. Not a penny. Yet up to 8000 + people regularly view CBO.

No funding means that I am working from a cranky old computer that I have had to repair so many times I think that it would be kinder to put it out of its misery. It goes then CBO is in internet limbo.

Take photos of pages. I do not have a camera and cannot afford one so that puts that one to rest.

My A3 and A4 scanner are gone. If they were not then seven books would have been published between July and now. And as with the computer and camera I do not have the cash to replace any of them.

I write this knowing that no one really cares because no one has for over ten years 😂😂😂😂 but I do mention it to make a point. If I was attacking "Woke" people or anyone else then that gets views and more importantly support. Hey, I could go the route of posting scantilly clad women or even go Private and fill the post with soft porn -THAT gets a lot of support.

So, please, do not bother complaining because I do not care because you do not care. 

Reviews get the images I can find and that is an end to it.

Now back to reading so I can produce another "rather plain post without lots of images".

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