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Terry Hooper-Scharf

Friday 18 March 2022


story by Franco Frescura; art by Luciano Bernasconi; cover by Luciano Bernasconi. 
180 pp. 
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Wampus is a shape-shifting monster sent to Earth by an evil cosmic power called The Great Mind to sow havoc and destruction. He can change into any form by merely touching water, and revert to type by coming into contact with fire. His only adversary seems to be a French ex-secret agent named Jean Sten, whom, in typical Invaders tradition, no one believes. 

In this issue, Wampus brings chaos to London, Spain and Venice, while Sten appears unable to stop him. Yet, strange new allies show up who might pose a challenge to the creature from beyond…

Just when you think Wampus is about to succeed-----
Just when you think Sten is about to succeed---

If this were a TV series I'd watch it (and I don't have a TV!). This book shows why Wampus has achieved an almost cult status amongst those "in the know" not just in Europe but also other parts of the world -including the United States.

Now, I could look it up and see whether Sten ever finally succeeds in stopping his nemesis but that would spoil the fun. I think the idea of looking online to see what happens is bad -B-A-D - because, like looking up an episode guide to the TV series The Invaders, it would spoil the twists and turns and they are still quite effective in this collection.

If you want to see how this all started I highly recommend the first collection of Wampus and I think you will see why people become fans.

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