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Saturday, 26 September 2015

A Victorian Mystery & Suspense Double (or Triple) Header!

Two Great Books: The Adventures Of Chung Ling Soo and Wilberforce -A Jack's Lot Is Not A Happy One

Writer -Terry Hooper-Scharf    Artist -Gavin Stuart Ross
A4 Comic Album
Black and white
84 pages
Price: £6.00
To many he was simply a stage magician. 
Others knew the truth –such as Scotland Yard and the very secret Q Bureau. 
 From a seemingly cursed jade statue bringing gruesome death to those who found it to a plot by a Chinese supremacist group hoping to strike terror and destruction at the heart of the British Empire and even more seemingly unstoppable Tong assassins –Chung Ling Soo was there.
 Sergeant Wilberforce of Scotland Yard was the closest thing to a friend the Magician had yet even he was perpetually stumped by him...and his deaths! 
Collecting together Chung Ling Soo And The Curse Of The Jade Dragon And Chung Ling Soo The Case Of The Thames Serpent By Terry Hooper-Scarf and Gavin Stuart Ross 
And, as Amazon always adds, "to compliment your purchase".....and in his very own book....
Ben R. Dilworth
A4 Comic Album
28 pages
Black and white.
Price: £4.00
 Wilberforce—a Sergeant on the Metropolitan Police Detective Force. 
But Wilberforce was no common “Jack” (police officer). 
Even before working with the famous Chung Ling Soo (The Case Of The Thames Serpent), Wilberforce had “tasted the chin strap” on many tough cases –even a stint in the Army saw him used because of his detective skills. 
Here, Ben R. Dilworth, gives us a sneak peek into Wilberforce’s Case Notes for 1896. “A Jack’s lot is not a happy one” and Wilberforce was not just dealing with the ordinary criminals such as the nobblers, rampsmen, smashers, mobsmen, snoozers and skinners…. 
 ...there were the spectres, the satanic followers, vampires and other monsters —things the ordinary copper never usually encountered and often scoffed at the stories of. Wilberforce knew better.
Wilberforce was "all piss and vinegar"!
"Ripper Street" was never like this!

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