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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Mr Stransky

Received your letter -
最も深い同情  deepest sympathies.


  1. You may not want to hear this but Green Skies (though there are about 300 pages so far) may NEVER see light of day. Not drawn in...4 months. Have major hand problems so once I finish the decorating and shelving I will ATTEMPT to draw for the first time. It fails then "Dr Morg killed us all" are the last words in any BTCG book. I'll order those books for you Monday. ;-)

  2. Can I confirm -do you mean Some Things etc., or Yokai etc?

  3. Thanks for your condolences - I've passed them on.
    The books ! I have Yokai and Osaka Brutal - but of your text books I have none ! So those are the ones I'd like, please ! The Strange and Sinister books, Springheeled Jack, Cruisers in the Clouds... as many as I can afford. I'll pick them up when I return to the UK for a holiday next year so don't send them on - the postage would just be crippling. I hope you can finish off GREEN SKIES at some point..... to not finish that would be .... the end of the world ! * dramatic pause*
    Well, back off home to sleep. Thanks again for the kind wishes. Take care.