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Monday, 14 September 2015

DC Cancels Titles While Marvel Plans Another Reboot Before a 2016 Reboot
Kevin Birtcher on Google+ wrote:

"Sooner or later, someone higher up will have to address the failures of DiDio, Lee, and Johns.  I'm far from being a DC-hater, but it's increasingly obvious they don't know what they're doing over there."

Yep. we hear that from Marvel fans a great deal -or former fans and be honest, if someone has stuck with your company forty or fifty years and they've said "NO MORE!" they were fans.  And former DC die hard fans are screaming the same.  There is a way DC can get back its fans but I am writing nothing.  I'm not paid to give them ideas even if they did read them.  Its greed they have been consumed by -as have Disney with Marvel.

And according to TechTimes five DC titles will be cancelled by the end of 2015:
"DC will be canceling five titles by the end of the year, including two books that launched back in June as part of the publisher's "DC You" initiative.
It appears as if Doomed will be the first to go, with its #6 issue being the last installment in the Doomsday stand-alone book. DC hasn't confirmed when Doomed will be canceled, but since Doomed #7 doesn't appear in DC's December solicitations, it seems safe to assume the series will be ending in November with #6.
The other four titles on the chopping block will end in December, according to CBR. Those books include Justice League United, Lobo, The Omega Men and Gotham by Midnight.
Of the five, it is perhaps most surprising to see Justice League United get the axe. The series launched in April of 2014. Gotham by Midnight will be canceled almost a year after its debut. The series follows detective Jim Corrigan as he and the Gotham Police Department "Midnight Division" investigate various supernatural occurrences in the city.
The Omega Men, another title from "DC You", will also be ending. The series detailed the fate of former Green Lantern Kyle Rayner as part of a team of space rebels.
It isn't too surprising that Lobo won't be continuing past #13. While a strong character, Lobo's dramatic redesign from the loud, rude, heavy metal intergalactic biker into a more sleek and nimble assassin rubbed many long time fans of the character the wrong way."
As an up-date, I notice an hour ago IGN published this news:
They state:
"Justice League United from writer Jeff Parker and artist Travel Foreman will end on issue #16. Ray Fawkes and Julio Ferreira's Gotham By Midnight will end on issue #12. The Omega Men, from Tom King and Barnaby Bagenda, will end on issue #7, and Cullen Bunn and Frank Barbiere's Lobo will end on issue #13."
You have to ask how feckin dumb are Didio and his hangers-on that they have a movie released next year to set up the Justice League and they cancel the title?  Lobo I can understand as I saw pages and asked "WTF is that??"  NOT Lobo.
If -IF- the rumours I hear are true, the Didio and DC are almost panicky but putting on a lot of bluster to cover it.  "It's a mess!" is a quote but I'm not losing anyone their job.
And Marvel? After the entire 1963 universe "ended for good"?  Apparently, there is more reshuffling going going on and a few "re-positionings" in the company but, again, IF the rumour mill is true, people buying Disney's Marvel comics are going to see even more rebooting after the rebooted reboot.....before a reboot (sorry, I added that last one!).
If you check out Tales From The Kryptonian you'll see he has his own views on Marvel and DC.
It's almost as though we are looking at two groups of headless chickens running all over a highway with crash after crash but you hear squawks all at once from different places of "This way!"


  1. Lodo was probably DCs best chance of a successful modern comic with a potential movie spin off, then they did that amazingly bad reboot of the character, so as far as Im concerned no loss there. The JLA has always been one of my favourite titles but I assume the Justice league United isn't the main JLA book ( I hope) so maybe some hope for the film and the comic franchise (Im a JLA fan so fingers crossed) the other titles mentioned here seem like money spinners - anything with"Gotham" or a Batman related topic in the title they seem to think will sell , forgetting it has to be interesting and dare I say fun, and key element of comics that DC seem to have forgotten all about. Marvel to seem to be messing with their characters just as they are successful movies Captain America i s the Falcon etc etc, To be fair I've all but given up on DC now and read most of their comics via the "5 comics for £1 bargain bags" (you get all the titles so that says it all) I liked the idea behind some of their reboots but on paper few worked, saying that I am looking forward to seeing Keith Giffens take on "Sugar and Spike " I love Giffens work, but seriously is this for real? .......

  2. It's for real, and sadly it's getting worse. My feeling is that a new JLA title will be released as part of the promo for the movie. Another depressing sign of the tail wagging the dog. The comic books are what made these characters popular.... now it's all movies this and movies that. Let's have some fun comics !! We should be able to make some.... I'll put my brain to it.....

  3. Paul -I think Justice League Unlimited is one of those spin off titles. What is causing a MASSIVE surge of complaints (but I've never read it) is the cancellation of Batman 66 which even the anti-DC brigade have been buying and tends to sell out. I had a title that was selling out and universally popular I'd keep it going! But even TV cancels popular shows so nothing new there! And Lobo...oy. But DC are really losing it and Didio is the man to blame.