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Friday, 11 September 2015

Book Price Cut Backs.

...I can tell you that since heavily -heavily- cutting book prices I have been proven right (so someone is lucky I never took his bet!).

How am I right?  I wrote that I doubted any books would sell. I am correct.  I checked and I have cut prices twice before and results, sales-wise were zero.  In fact, I think it a pointless exercise and am not going to run the special offer until the end of October but just until end of this current month.

I've talked about this and gone to-and-fro, but comics -well, the Small Press these days- is very, very insular with friends buying from friends or Small Press events having their own followers.  There is no real interest in comics as such. And that has clearly dictated my decision regarding future publishing and CBO.

If I cannot earn a living in comics then my hobby is not going to be promoting other peoples books -that is just ridiculous.

I'll announce my decision in the New Year.

For now: the current price cut-backs on all Black Tower Comics and Books will now only run until the end of September, 2015.

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