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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I Really MUST Be Psychic

Just got this:

"Unfortunately you haven't made it for this round of Shake, but please keep up your sick, sick work and apply for the next one! (We will add you to our applications mailing list and send you a reminder when the next one pops around!)

We hope you'll still pop in for a hang and to check out some fellow illustrators work!

Stay Rad!
Robyn & Max K
Team Shake"

Exactly what I said would happenUK Small Press or comics -feck the lot.  FIVE YEARS of trying conventions and events and every single time the same thing.

I will no longer feature news of UK Small Press nor Comic events on CBO unless they are paid for ads.



  1. Hope you don't mind me asking this but I have read a few posts on similar topics on CBO and I'm not 100% on what the issue is - is it that you can't get a place at any UK Small press event to sell your books and no reason is given for this- (or is it that these events are simply all trying to freeze you out) if the latter what is the reason for this ? Hope this is not to personal or part of some massive on- going feud Im new to CBO.

  2. Paul, I have no idea though a few have guessed at various reasons. If for five plus years I've asked to book a table as soon as an event is announced and I'm "not lucky this time" and yet the SAME PEOPLE over and over again get the tables how does that work? Seriously, you look at events and the exhibitors/dealers listed and they are -with a couple exceptions- the very same people at each event. Not just that but the comic book dealers whose life blood was comics events are frozen out and most have now retired. I think someone said that my not getting a table at every event was (he was a maths guy -which is squiggles to me!) 67,780 to 1. Which means something to someone. You can't get out and sell your books then you are dead in the water. I could get paranoid but I'll leave that up to others. All I know is that the UK is dead to me pure and simple -and I just rejected PRs from 2 events that I was "not lucky" enough to get a table at for the 4th year running. Go figure!