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Monday, 7 September 2015

Disney is selling a Millennium Falcon drone

I'm sure there are more than a few very excited people out there right now!

Star Wars merchandise is big business. So big, in fact, that the films' stewards are streaming an unboxing marathon for all of the Force Awakens toys coming out on "Force Friday".

We weren't going to pay much interest, but two items in particular have grabbed our attention: a remote-controlled Millennium Falcon and X-Wing starfighter. With minimal assembly, you'll be able to launch and fly both of these legendary spacecraft in your living room, pestering family members or reliving the final battle from Return of the Jedi.

The Millennium Falcon is basically a quadcopter drone -- it has four tiny propellors built into the body, and is built from a "high density foam" to ensure it can take the odd knock and TIE fighter attack. Both the X-Wing fighter and Millennium Falcon are being manufactured by Air Hogs, a company with plenty of experience in remote controlled vehicles -- when we hear anything concrete around pricing and stockists, we'll be sure to let you know.

Well,  cccording to USA Today no less, the toy will cost $120 and will feature “lights, sound effects, a pop-up blaster that fires foamy Nerf darts and a two-man crew of Finn and Chewbacca.”
Please do NOT buy me one -just send the money!

Here you go, geeks -


  1. Millennium Falcon Drone: Its wonderfull to have the new Star Wars toy released, as it is suitable for all gaes:

  2. Indeed, Mr. Charmer - and wonderful to have it advertised to the thousands of people who visit the CBO website. Lots of fun it looks though... if only I had the money ! Attacking people with nerf darts from my own Millenium Falcon sounds cool..... anyway. Off topic.A short letter on it's way to you, Terry. Please let me know when it arrives. Cheers.

  3. Mr Charmer: I would LOVE this for the nerf dart firing. Imagine the surprise my postman would get? Also, how does he tell people "The Millenium Falcon -but a mini one- strafed me in the garden"? Lords for the money to buy it and wreak havoc!

    Mr Stransky -I'll certainly let you know!