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Friday, 11 September 2015

David Bowie as a Doctor guest star?

I'm sorry but the same old guests on every quiz or panel or celebrity or talk show and on Dr Who has bored the shit out of me and Dr Who SHOULD be better.

So this sounds interesting...?

You can read and SEE more on the RT page.

Radio Times:

Peter Capaldi: I want Who David Bowie as a Doctor guest star

Peter Capaldi: I want David Bowie as a Doctor Who guest star

Over the years Doctor Who has had many high-profile guest stars, some of whom have been musicians (including Katherine Jenkins and Foxes in recent years) – but there’s one music grandee who Peter Capaldi thinks has been missing out.

“I think we should have David Bowie,” the actor told the crowd at a screening for episode one and two of the upcoming series. “I think he would be a very good one.”

OK, it sounds a little crazy – but now we've thought about it, it’s almost too perfect. Who better to explore space and time with the Doctor than Ziggy Stardust, the composer of Space Oddity? A man who once released an album that could almost be a Doctor Who episode premise in itself – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars – and starred as an alien in sci-fi movie classic The Man Who Fell to Earth. If someone’s not already pitching that to Steven Moffat for series ten, we will.

Still, if Bowie did appear on the series he might have a bit of a rivalry on the music front from the Doctor himself.

In the series nine trailer the Doc rocks a cool guitar (which former rocker Peter Capaldi plays himself), and the actor spoke of his joy in finally putting his musical talents to use.
“I was really delighted to open the script and find the Doctor playing guitar,” he said. “I think I’d sort of half mentioned it in joking, but I was really delighted that these guys went for it as an idea.”
Capaldi also revealed that – just as when he hand-picked the Twelfth Doctor’s costume – he also had a say in which axe he’d be wielding for series nine. Could this Vine video from June have been part of his research, we wonder...

“We had a great day when I went to pick the Doctor’s guitar,” he reminisced. “We went to Denmark street and went to various vintage guitar shops, looking for Doctor Who’s guitar. And I first I thought it should be like a Stratocaster or a Telecaster, one of those old classic guitars, but they all started to look like I was having a midlife crisis.”

“We ended up with a guitar that looked like a Fender Stratocaster that had been described to someone who had never seen one.”

He added: “That [joke] is hilarious, if you’re into guitars.”

We’re calling it – a Capaldi/Bowie duet is on the cards. Ground control to Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart…

Doctor Who series 9 begins on Saturday 19th September on BBC1 at 7:40pm


  1. Within infinity, one will inevitably find expectations will be at variance with one's own on any given subject. I, for one, have never had any problems with any series, actor or story regarding Doctor Who and, in fact, have always found the series thoroughly enjoyable. I can speak for my old friend Bib, my fellow Whovian, who also always looked forward to each and every story with unbounded enthusiasm.

  2. Love Bowie, so I truly hope this happens.

  3. I can see it now...the Doctor pulls a small space capsule into the TARDIS...out steps an astronaut...Major Tom! bwahahaha. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    1. That would be more in place in a second season episode of Space 1999.