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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

I Am The Owl! No, I Am THE Owl! No, Sorry -I AM The Owl....

Always nice to get a mention on Germany's blogging supremo Subzero's Tales From The Kryptonian.  This time as an addition to his interesting blog on The Owl. 

Now if you know your Golden, Silver and Bronze Ages comics you might be asking "Which Owl?"  If you are not then get over to that blog right now!

The Owl cover you'll see there is this one:

But, originally it was not title The Owl -Master Of The Night but The Ultimate Collection -The Owl nd this was the cover:

"The Ultimate Collection" was a string of books featuring various genres/characters.  But there was a snag.  Some of the later material was claimed to be held under copyright by two different companies.  The book was withdrawn and I began contacting the companies involved.

Both had absolutely no idea what the hell I was talking about.  Basically it was all coming from another "internet comic historian" who had NOT researched the subject but pronounced from on high.
A bit like idiots stirring trouble with IPC Media.  You  then talk to the bosses at the company and it's "no problem"
Sadly, like most of these books -they are classed as "A Fan Project" because it's doubtful many people will be interested unless a true fan.  As it happens I've never sold a copy of this after all these years!
So, go read Subzero's blog.  But remember there are a good few "The Owls" out there.  And if you want to buy a copy:
 A4 Comic Album
Black & White
80 pages -yes:80 pages for just £8.00!!
Price: £8.00
A Fan Project. The Owl. Created by Frank Thomas in 1940 for Crackajack Funnies:this book contains three Golden Age stories including the rare first appearance of Owl Girl plus the rare 1967 Owl Man and Owl Girl in their own comic. Black and white, text features and more.


  1. Hey, thanks for the promo, I somehow missed this. Oh, wait, did you only write this to get me to do another post about owl themed comic book characters ? Devious old %$&??§$

    Just kidding. Maybe I can dig up a few more.....

  2. Your posting started off the whole Owl nostalgia kick. Be careful what you look into -I just tried to find out about "The Bat" and the number of "THE Bats" in UK comics/literature!!! Besides, I always promo Tales From The Kryptonian!