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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

"It Looks Very Small When You Hold It With Your Hand..."

I hear that a lot.  Usually involving snickering and requests to take "a photo for me mates t'look at".

Yes, the Thermo-trans-cosmogenic Nillion fusion mago device -a "Cosmo Gun" as used by Captain Cosmic- is easily concealable in a pocket or down the front of the trousers.  It looks deceptive but it is charged by two Hymenohoxyphenogeminic "AA" batteries and that is enough power to blast a hole 15 metres x 15 metres in granite.

It is modelled here can see. 

And here is a better view.  Rather coy looking model, don't you think?

These devices are only issued to  Designated Planetary Defenders which means there is only one on Earth.  You'll need to travel 15 light years to find the next one.  Luckily the batteries are re-chargeable.

And, yes, I know what you are thinking: "Grow up you sad old git!"   To which I can only respond: "SHAN'T! NWA-wa-wa-whoo!"

Please support Mental Healthcare in the Comics Community.

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