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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Ultimate Centaur Collection

The Ultimate Centaur Collection 2011

148 Pages 
Black & White
Price: £15.00
Previously available as two seperate volumes and now collected into one 146 pages volume! 
Volume 1 Centaur -the short-lived publishing house of some of the first and most unique Golden Age heroes that still live on in legend today! 
The All-Seeing Eye! Truly weird and bizarre and living on today in the pages of Black Tower Comics.
 The Clock- how American comic book heroes would have developed and this guy still hands out 1940s justice in -guess- Black Tower Comics.
But these are the original stories of action and adventure and pure fun. See - Airman! The Sparkler! The Blue Lady! Plymo! The Arrow! And many others. 
Volume 1 is a treat for all Golden Age comic fans and a must have! 
Volume 2 features The Skull, The Shark, The Blue Lady and Amazing Man! These were part of the First Wave of US Golden Age comics that also includes Mini Midget and Mighty Man. 
But even more: this book also reprints the one and only appearance of the very first comic book Owl from 1940 created by Martin Filchock who was still cartooning when he died at the age of 100!
A must for comic fans and Golden Age buffs! 
But WHO can I get to add a recommendation?  Let me't think of anyone....


  1. I'll recommend it ! It sounds like the most fun you can have on a Sunday without breaking the law!
    These Golden Age characters absolutely distill the essensce of what was to come later - ou cannot appreciate anything of Marvels or DC's without having a grounding in where the came from and - perhaps more importantly - what others were creating at the same time. Golden Age rules !

  2. The All Seeing Eye recommends it so.... Oh. He/it says it knows what you did in the office after everyone went home last Friday. Dirty, dirty man....what me? I don't work in an office and...he saw that....

  3. Thank you Terry Hooper-Scharf, this is a great collection. I love my copy.