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Thursday, 12 February 2015

WOW. This I Consider A Recommendation!

I am a big fan of Finnish-Suomi creator Pekka A. Manninen as I think everyone knows.  Well, as I receive copies of his Kapteeni Kuolio (Captain Gangrene) books and Sarjari comic I like to return the favour.

One book I sent him was The Cross-Earths Caper and being a busy man he only got round to reading it recently.  This is from his letter to me:

"Well, I did indeed manage to find time to read The Cross Earths Caper...and I loved the character me those things are the best bits in a super hero narrative...the feeling that these are a bit dysfunctional persons trying to maintain friendships with other eccentrics.  But normally there isn't  too much of this in a, though, you give that in spades.  Lorry loads...and there is the pronounced sense of fun, too.  The cover was really bold design.  I keep telling people that a cover could be anything at all....but nobody listens.  But really why can a record cover be anything under the sun and the cover of a comic should always be like...a cover of a comic?"

And glowing comments on Some More Things Strange & Sinister -it may inspire an upcoming Captain Gangrene story.

This morning I was ready to announce that I was fully retiring from comics.  I was reading Pekka's letter just as I was typing up the announcement.

One could get quite emotional.  Kind words from Finland's finest!

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