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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Strip Magazine

We're sorry for the ongoing and frustrating delays to I really wanted to rest today.  Anyhow, I get a couple of requests a month about STRIP: The Adventure Comics Magazine and just why I have no idea.  Wasn't involved.  Wasn't asked to be involved.  Request for a review copy (after each of the Press Releases I got from them) never got a response


Anyway, from what I can find out there were three issues? That's it.  No idea what happened.  No one tells me these things!

The other question is usually about Clint magazine and, no, same applies as per Strip but at I wrong in saying it has ceased publishing?

This is UK comics for you.  Try as you might no one wants to tell you anything.

So, no, I have no idea about either publication -send THEM an email and see if they reply!


  1. Terry, I'm sorry if you never received a review copy of STRIP - I don't even have a physical copy of STRIP Volume 2 Issue 1 or 2 myself and I edited it. The last I heard from its publisher, he still wanted to bring it back but there's no indication of when and there would be a lot of bridge building to do between both creators and readers to ensure its success.

  2. Volume 2? It had a full run of volume 1? All I know is that at a couple of Bristol Expos I had people ask me what I was doing and why I'd stopped publishing wasn't me, was it? Now THAT would be forgetful!

  3. Seriously, I am here if they ever do need to get up and running again and need to get themselves sorted. I don't work for free, though!