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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

I Do NOT Want Your Respect. I Just Want You To Buy My Books!

I got bored.  I just decided to search my name and Black Tower Comics & was that or make more cardboard buildings for wargaming!  Yeah. THAT bored.

There are so many sites listing my books. Listing me. Paperzz, Tumbir, Yasni, Picasa, First Comics News and even the odd suspect one such as keepbookonline where you can sign up to download 'my' ebooks. DON'T!I have no ebooks.  Suspect.

China, United States, Korea and countries I don't even recognise the language text !!

And sites offering CBO postings or feeds -I've been checking and they do NOT add to my views figures here so gods know how many people arew seeing CBO postings.  It just really blows my mind a bit.

But looking at all of this (people seem to love the new Silvermaigne cover -especially on horror sites) I just got very, very depressed. WHY am I not selling books???

My idea that about 3 million might see CBO postings by April or so?  Forget it.  Just lots and lots and lots of long numbers that really don't work in my mind.

Very frustrating.  I was amused by "Jika Anda mengikuti Bits Comic-nya online Anda tahu dia adalah  blogger Eropa untuk mengikuti .... " and that I recognised as Indonesian and it translates as: "If you follow his Comic Bits Online you know he is THE European blogger to follow...."  Well, THANKS, Indonesia  I sell comics, too, you know!

Basically, outside the UK a lot of people know my comic work.  Now, if they would PLEASE buy some of my books...? Please.

Last time I search my name and books. 

Anyway, all of this comes after I've been assessing the situation.  I've submitted project proposals to Image Comics, Archie Comics, IDW, Dark Horse,Atlas Comics, UK and European publishers -enough projects to keep a medium sized comic company going for a year or two.  It's either reject, make an excuse or just plain -RUDELY- ignore , and they signed for it or I got the Out-of-Office response telling me the right person received the project or follow up.

In all honesty, as a friend in Texas I've known since the 1970s said recently " I don't know of anyone who is more doggedly-determined as yourself.  You deserve to have better luck than this...."  I'm having that written on my retirement cake....if I can afford the cake.

Kids: get into any other business than comics.  Draw for fun but never fantasise you are going to make the big time.  That is exceedingly rare.

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