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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

TODAY Everyone Reacts To Spider-Man in The Marvel Movie Universe.... question is: WHERE were they 24 hours ago when I posted the news?


  1. Answer; they were waiting for J. Jonah Jameson to give the 'OK'. Afterall, it's only news if it's published in the Daily Bugle. Nah. You beat them to the scoop again Mr. Hooper... maybe you do work for the Bugle ! Afterall - if you remember the old stories - Peter Parker used to report the news on Spiderman - himself - ( well, the photos ) in order to get some cash to.....OMIGOD You are PETER PARKER !! .....ummm....I'll take my medication now.... have a good day.

  2. Well, I did write in a post a while back that Disney would NOT like to pay to use "their property" BUT the big bucks from a movie with the Avengers AND Spider-Man (enough to vaccinate more than a couple African nations' population against malaria and other illnesses and feed them. Disney wanted to go down in history for THE biggest humanitarian deed....BUT there is no "humanitarian" in business. IGN did report on this and I followed up their item -I was spot on, But that it takes 24-35 hours for "comicdom assembled" to read and digest the news, sit down to a cheese burger...munch....munch..."OH MY GOD!!!" Like I said to Stan Lee: "Get out of comics, man -yer too old. Go into some other business!"