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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Rebellion Studios Zenith Books

THANK YOU, Tony, for asking.

Yes, if you can buy the collected Zenith books from Rebellion then do.  Despite what Morrison says, these are still cracking stories with great Steve Yeowell art.

And you may well have been searching CBO for a good while trying to find my reviews of the could spend eternity!  I never got review copies of the books -despite it making sense to publicise your books on CBO, of course!- so there were no reviews!

You are right that I did mention Zenith promo events such as signings but it's why I stopped doing a lot of that - THEYwere not promoting MY books so nothing comes back as a "thank you" such as a book or whatever why should I puibliciuse them?

I''m guessing you need to check out Amazon or Ebay -or Rebellions website.

Have fun!

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