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Sunday, 22 February 2015

It's 1900 Hrs On A Sunday Evening And I Am Bored Sick!

Seriously. I've scanned some items Written several posts for all of my blogs.  Updated some of my Yahoo groups.  Done a little research reading (yes -books). Checked some things out on the internet. I also cooked "dinner" (yeugh), did all the wildlife feeding. Had a few thoughts on quantum physics/parallel universes.

And I just looked at the clock and seen that it is 1900 hrs (7pm). 

No, I do not watch TV.  I am listening to my own mix of music that covers all genres and languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch....oh -and American.

Sadly, those new energy efficient light bulbs are absolute CRAP so drawing in dim light is out. 

I am definitely NOT building any more cardboard buildings for wargaming -even at 25mm scale they are on my shelves and in cupboards.  Things you do when you get bored, heh?

My mind is still "going like the clappers".

Sweet FA to do.  Interesting that phrase.  People think "FA" stands for "F*** All"  -ie something that amounts to nothing at all. but it actually refers to Fanny Adams.  In 1867, 8 year old Fanny Adams was quite literally butchered in a field by a solicitors clerk. A couple years later the Royal Navy introduced new tinned meat rations and it was hated by the navymen who said they couldn't even tell what meat it was -"It might be Sweet Fanny Adams!" and over the years use of the term widened.

Despite popular myth, sailors in the old Royal Navy as far back as the Napoleonic Wars NEVER starved.  They each got "a square meal" -a term we still use today.  "Square" referred to what were basically wooden frames on wooden tables into which food was placed -all easily scrubbed down.

"Doing a brick" is a term I coined for severe constipation

There was actually no such event as a UFO(s) crash-landing at Roswell, New Mexico. The wood frame and other material from the then (1947) secret spy balloon are crated up at the US National Archives -and HAVE been shown on US TV.

Back in the early 1980s I was seriously mistaken for Carlos "The Jackal" by the Metropolitan Police. I was also once driven across an East German minefield by (let's not say) to avoid East German Vilks Polizei (VoPos).

And the secrets to the origin of the universe?  I have it in a sealed box.  Unfortunately I cannot find where I put the box.  Go figure.

1926's going to be a loooooooooooooooooong night.

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