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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Just A Few Basic Figures

To show how bored I am!  I have spent the last week posting on my other blogs to see what difference it makes.

Last Sunday the views figures were:                                   Today

British Golden Age Comics                     9277                  9326
UK GA Comics & Characters                  408                   549
Terry Hooper Scharf Black Tower CG    3,575                3,754
Anomalous Phenomena                            22, 502             23,090
Maakika Art                                                 890                  932

Because of the disappearance of China from the net and CBO this blog only got 24,985 views last month which means total CBO views stand at 1,814,877.

Google+ views of CBO as of today:  1,195,466

Which means that my blogs have had a total of 3,0479, 94 views.  Again to me it is just a jumble of numbers!

The idea of combining all the blogs into one was tempting but I think they are best left as they are -the confusion of a merger!!

It all means that if you have books covered by those blogs -I'll review them.  Comics -I'll review them! dvd to review --guess?  Links to each blog appear on..each blog so no one misses anything.

But the question remains, as ever -come on -join in: WHY am I not earning money from this?

a quick addenda: So far I have found only TWO (2) CBO posts that were not Google+ by anyone.  Pot generally get Google+ 2-5 times.

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