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Saturday, 16 January 2016

A Bit of a Ramble...

I understand that asking people to comment or pass on any links is pointless.  I get that since in the now 16 years history of CBO for anyone to bother is so rare no one believes when it does happen!

I don't even bother checking to see if anyone has responded these days. Quick look at comments in the morning and that's it.  I just take it people read and move on.  Will the post about comic price hikes get responses from all of those people who checked it out (and since the last time so many people viewed a post was when we had regular Chinese readers the views have surprised me)?  No.

I mean, someone got to CBO with the word search "Captain America Sex Video" -WTF???  Yeah, I guess I wasn't that surprised that someone typed that in a search engine but I was surprised it brought them to CBO!!

I had hoped that, after another posting about costumed German heroes (in which Comics Vine double posting characters a couple of times to make the magic 67 German characters and backgrounds proved the point I was making) at least one German comics fan might comment or get in touch.  Apart from trolls, bloggers rarely get much in the way of comments these days.  The AOP blog -CBO- oh, and even Tales From The Kryptonian get the trolls.

Is fandom as it used to be really dead?  We used to get so many LOCs (Letters of Comment) in the age of fanzines that we could never find space to edit and publish a quarter of what we received.

As I've written before, I could just publish DC, Marvel, Image and that other company's news and not do much work.  Sixteen years of telling people I will review Independent Comics and the Small Press books (as I've done since 1984) and I give up.  "No one will review my book!!"  Really, go away because you never even tried -if you had you would have sent me your book: every book received is reviewed.

I really wanted to publish something happy today but what the heck.  Feck it.  My blog and in 2016 I post what I want.

Anyhow, I have to nip across to trans-dimensional flux point 5676 as there is a problem.


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