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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

So, Is Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who with Steven Moffat?

Asks Snappa PA:

Rumour monger Terry does it again. Unless they got their info from CBO?

There have been a lot of rumours and even more shake-ups at the BBC as younger and more "hip" uh, 'personalities' replacing proven but (hissss!) older ones.

So is the rumour that the BBC did a "dirty" on Moffat to get rid of him -something Capaldi would never stand for because his stance of that sort of thing is well known?

Whatever, it would be the BBC saying "screw you" to what is left of Dr Who continuity and the fans.
 Is Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who with Steven Moffat?

Peter Capaldi could be leaving Doctor Who at the end of the next series, according to reports.
There is speculation that he will depart the show in 2017 at the same time as current show-runner Steven Moffat to allow incoming chief Chris Chibnall to choose his own Doctor.

The Mirror quoted an unnamed BBC source who said: “Bosses are already discussing a fresh start when Steven leaves.

“They’ve been happy with what Peter has brought to the role but some think it might make sense to give Chris his own choice of actor to play the Doctor.

“They hope he will be able to find someone who can have the same impact as Matt Smith did when Steven Moffat kicked off his run as executive producer.”

The departure of the Doctor at the same time as the show-runner would mirror what happened with Russell T. Davies who departed with 10th Doctor David Tennant.

A BBC spokeswoman declined to discuss Peter’s contract but confirmed he was signed up for the duration of series 10.

Broadchurch creator Chris was announced as head writer and executive producer on Saturday following Steven’s decision to step down after six years at the helm.

A Doctor Who Christmas special will air later this year, while series 10, Steven’s last, is scheduled to be broadcast in 2017, with a new companion on board to replace Jenna Coleman.


  1. One actress, who was astoundingly popular as the character Shona in the episode 'Last Christmas', Faye Marsay. Most have said they would like to see her return and the actress has said that she would be most willing to make a return. A completely different feel, that hopefully Chris Chibnall will bring is overdue. I could wish for Steven Moffat to leave a season earlier in order for that to happen.

  2. Well, it was only a matter of time as this things are bound to happen. I think Peter Capaldi has never really connected as the Doctor like David Tennant or Matt Smith so I´m curious if Steven Moffat at least manages to make him interesting in his final stories.

  3. Well, the Dr is SUPPOSED to have 11 regenerations. They tried to get out of that but he then gave away some of his regeneration (!). Really,the modern Dr is a mess. Capaldi is a great actor but the scripts he's given are not the best and the penultimate episode where he is trapped..oh, not sure if you've seen it? Anyway it led to the massive showdown with the Time Lords that was a MAJOR non-event. The Dr running around in sun-glasses playing that feckin guitar! A good scripter and capaldi COULD be the best but this new incarnation starting with Russel T. Davies have been messy. Slap-stick humour and silly antics and the next episode high drama followed by....bleurgh. I NEVER thought I'd say I do not care if Dr Who is cancelled. I'd like Capaldi to stay on with good writers but....

  4. It's something I noticed immediately with the Christopher Eccleston version. Everything is rushed, characters are not allowed to grow and as many short cuts as possible leading to a resolution of the 'plot' before the 45-50 minutes are up. It's frustrating considering the resources, the backing that the programme now has, especially when ideas that could work very well are not allowed air time to breathe and as breath are expended just as fleetingly leaving you to wonder what just happened. The American format way of working, expend as much and as fast as you can, and the difference is really noticeable to an audience generation that was brought up with a great deal of serial format entertainment especially in comics and film theatre when a story would last several weeks, with Dan Dare, for example, with one story, a whole year.

  5. Actually it is a great relief to me that I have the William Hartnells to Sylvester McCoys on DVD. Interestingly, although many youngsters across the planet who have taken to Doctor Who in a big way since it's relaunch and coming anew to the 'classic' series are surprised by the serial format of twenty five minutes, including those in America brought up with the single episode story format, the older series has found great favour although there is some shallow criticism based on appearance, acting and attitudes which, annoyingly, they attribute to us being just out of the Stone Age!! Wrinkly alert Terry? Remind you of an incident in a comic shop? I still laugh at your answer to the whispered comments. " Don't worry, just an old wrinkly passing through !".