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Monday, 18 January 2016

I Love Me Some Tarzan!

Well, I am getting close to achieving my goal of collecting the Tarzan Weekly and Tarzan Monthly UK comics published by Byblos who took over Top Sellers who published the UK Gold Key Tarzan (111? issues) and Korak Son Of Tarzan.

Also picked up a couple of Top Seller Bumper books -Tarzan and Korak Son Of Tarzan -the Tarzan book is Burne Hogarth while Korak is Joe Jubert.

I've a few more on order which will fill in the gaps.  As a kid it was Tarzan, Lone Ranger and Zorro so I may look for UK editions featuring the latter two -but I ain't rich!

Luckily no Tarzan action figures!

Possibility of a future post and -maybe, do not get excited- a vlog?

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