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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Am I REALLY "Raking in the money"?

Thanks to Steve and Joe but I really am NOT interested in what is said on any UK comic forum. I have posted the  actual information on sales and money made (or not) by Black Tower a few times and I am more open than a couple of the people you have mentioned.

I'll explain that these people, the same ones behind goading trolls to comment on CBO, have helped kill UK comics and rather than help revive comics their lack of talent as 'humour' artists or clingers-on to these people, want to drag it further down.  But it cannot get any lower.

Also, they keep trying to goad me into a flame war on the internet which shows how stupid they are because I have nothing to do with the UK comics scene.  Its dead.

Also, please, they hide most of the time behind fake IDs -because they know I take legal action and report their ISP.

Just ignore them.

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