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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Schwarze Fledermaus, Laderlappen and Der Kapuzenmann

I mentioned the Special Globe Guard  krimi thrillers from Germany in my posting a few days ago.  But looking on a disc I found cover scans done YEARS ago -a lot corrupted so unusable- and realised I'd lost a few of these.

Maybe inspiration for a future Tales From the Kryptonian posting?

 I have no idea what this next one is because my file with text can no longer be opened (and I have doubts about ever opening the 3" floppy discs !!
OH!!! I think, though that is definitely a female figure, this was part of Der Kapuzenmann (The Hooded Man -see at the top left?) and I can JUST make out "DIE ROTE SCHLANGE" -The Red Snake. Other than that...nothing. 

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