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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Just To Make This Clear: The Red Paper: Canids Was NOT Meant To Earn ME Money.

Someone, who really has no idea and knows NOTHING about me, said that maybe my book Red Paper: Canids was a disappointment to me because it never made me any money?

Firstly, there is over 40 years of research in the book so it does NOT disappoint me.

Make ME money? That was never the intention. Any profits were to go to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust which does a LOT of educational work including with schools and The National Fox Welfare Society who do things like give advice on sick or injured foxes and FREE mange treatment.

 I am only disappointed (almost ashamed really) in that I have been unable to contribute to these two organisations.

The Red Paper:CANINES vol.1
 Terry Hooper
The Red Paper: Canids
A4 (21 x 30cms)
202 Pages 
Photographs, illustrations and maps
Price: £10.29
Ships in 3–5 business days
By the 1700s the British fox was on the verge of extinction and about to follow the bear and wolf having been hunted for sport for centuries. 
The answer was to import thousands of foxes per year for sport. But foxes kept dying out so jackals were tried. Some were caught, some escaped. Even wolves and coyote were released for hunting and "country folk" were very far from "happy" -some even threatening local hunts -one intending to release a wolf for a hunt- with legal and other consequences.
The summation of over 40 years research by the noted naturalist and former UK police forces exotic wildlife consultant reveals the damnable lie of "pest control" hunting but also reveals the cruelty the animals were subject to and how private menageries as well as travelling shows.
Private menageries, or single exotic "pets" as well as travelling shows helped provide the British and Irish countryside with some incredible events such as the 1905 "vampiric" sheep killer of Badminton, the mystery hounds of Cavan and Coyotes of Epping Forest. 
The Girt Dog of Ennerdale is also dealt with in detail -was it a tiger? A Tasmania Thylacine? This book gives the exact facts and details for the first time.

Up-dated 2013 edition includes a section on sarcoptic mange in foxes and treatment plus a list of wildlife sanctuaries and rescue centres in the UK.

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  1. This is a very impressively researched educative book and the information it contains needs to be read and understood in order to create a balanced argument in a time when the value of fox hunting is still being 'debated'.