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Friday, 15 January 2016

Bristol Comics Events? NOT Publicised On CBO!

 Ahh. Darron Northall emailed me at just the wrong time....or right time. At that con event the..ahem...Bristol International Book Fair & Comic Expo of November 2014, I had a lengthy chat with an Oxfam shop manager who was interested in promoting comics and graphic novels.  I gave a few copies of books as well as my business card and full details -including web page- and he said "be in touch"


Now, according to Mr Northall this man is organising "...  a series of talks called "Comic Book Conversations" that's being held at the  -deleted by me (TH) -next month. Jess Bradley is one of the speakers, talking about "Children's Comics & All-Age Comics" on Thursday -------- and a week later Simon Gurr (Of "2000 AD" & Brunel/ Darwin comic biographies fame) is discussing "Bristol's depiction in comics and the part played by the city in international comic book culture". I'm not sure if there is a website that can be consulted, because one isn't mentioned on the flyer I picked up yesterday. But, it sounds like an interesting series of events, and maybe one you might find worthy of publicising on CBO. Ciao for now."

No.  Comics in Bristol?  Who was publishing comics in Bristol, featuring Bristol going back to pre-1984? hmm.  Bit of a tough one that....let's was neither of the two named....uh...Brunel? No.  CD Shrampton?  No.  Oh! Oh, it was me, wasn't it?  Yes. As much as I solidly supported UK comics as well as the Small Press (at home and abroad) I pushed Bristol as a comics centre.  Allow me this moment,on MY blog, to state that all this got me was to be shat on from a great height.

Be trendy but do not expect me to support or push your event because you ignore me and I ignore you.

Thank you, Mr Northall.....who was just the messenger but he knew the score. 

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