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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Suicide Squad Poster....What Do You Think?

Apparently not many people like the Suicide Squad movie poster.  Most are saying it shows where the Superman-Batman marketing has gone wrong.



  1. So howcum Katana´s wid dem Suicide Squad biotches ? Isn´t she Outsiders all the way ? Sorry, I am trying to use the vernacular of the juvenile delinquents who are apparently the target audience here. Who wants to watch a movie without good guys ?

  2. Dirty Dozen. Kelly's Heroes (come on they were crooks and inspired all those military internet cons "While serving in Iraq I found $356775433657788 worth of gold and I'd like to put it in your bank account")...oh "anti heroes". If you have seen any of those awful sf fy movies they seem to like "chicks with swords" (yawn) -I just find I have no interest whatever in these. They are NOT the characters.

  3. I think it could actually be a good movie. Saying that I have no / little knowledge or interest in the original "Suicide Squad" and the Outsiders (imho) was not exactly a top notch comic either so I have no "emotional " ties to those titles or the characters - however not too keen on the new Harley Quinn (who I am sure will be the stand out character) - On the downside it looks like DC are filming the NEW 52 titles here so hope thats a one off - Poster is not great (imho)

  4. Oh man, OUTSIDERS was one of THE top notch books at DC. At least the initial series not the later diluted versions. I mean Mike W. Barr, Jim Aparo, that book sold somehwere in the NEW TEEN TITANS range. When DC first started their Baxter series they picked 8 of their best selling books for that and OUTSIDERS was one of them.

    As for the whole anti heroes thing - okay, that can be interesting but looking at the pictures from the movie so far they seem to be 100 percent villains. No redeeming qualities here. And I doubt the new Deadshot will have as much depth to him like the one on the ARROW show. I mean, he´s a piece of s#!t but he knows it and his goal is to earn as much money possible for his daughter before he croaks. Because in his line of work that happens rather sooner than later.

    Now with DC´s SUICIDE SQUAD comic the main pull was that we already knew the characters involved. But with the movie ? I don´t think they have the necessary time to do the equivalent of 20 years of character development.

  5. I loved Jim Aparo's work and picked up a few issues of the "Outsiders" Subzero but I never really got into it at the time, to be honest I think this was around the time I was getting a bit fed up with mainstream comics (was more into titles like Love and Rockets etc) so I might pick up a few of the earlier issues and check them out again.