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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

First clips from Wonder Woman movie

So the complainers are complaining but nuts to them. I think Gadot looks okay.

Mail online has this report:

Gal Gadot is every bit the superheroine as she dons iconic breastplate and tiara in first look at Wonder Woman film

 Taking the crown: The golden tiara definitely seemed to fit for the brunette beauty
Many fans were shocked when she was announced to be playing the most famous female super hero of all time.

And Gal Gadot certainly seems to be quite the fit for the iconic tiara.

The beautiful 30-year-old actress was shown in the entire iconic warrior princess garb of the Amazon in the first look for Wonder Woman aired on Tuesday night.
The first glimpses into her portrayal of the highly-popular DC Comics character were shown during a half-an-hour special titled Dawn Of The Justice aired on The CW.

In the short clip, Gadot looked every bit the superheroine donning the bronzed breastplate attached to a skirt along with the matching tiara.

She completed the whole look with knee-high boots,  bulletproof bracelets, sword and Athena's legendary shield.
Springing into action: She was shown fighting off a few baddies in the sneak peak clip
It is made clear that the upcoming superhero flick will be based around the origin story of Wonder Woman as many aren't as familiar with her beginnings in comparison to Batman or Superman. 

The character comes from Greek mythology as she was born on this island in the Amazon called Themyscira (where she was known as Princess Diana of Themyscira according to the comics).

Gadot seemed to be very excited about telling the tale of the iconic character's genesis as she said: 'We're going to see her coming of age. Her entire history, what's her mission.'

It explained by DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns that the Amazons are supposed to protect mankind but abandoned it because they did not see the effort as worth it, thus forcing Wonder Woman to venture into life on Earth. 
 Want to see the footage?



  1. Well, nothing´s ever as bad as they say - except Superman returns. They said the same thing about Adrienne Palicki and now she´s kicking ass as Mockingbird on SHIELD and all the haters are kicking themselves. How much worse can it be than DARK KNIGHT RISES ?

  2. Isn't Dark Knight Rises the real reason Bale decided no more Batman? You can act as much as you want but that plot (plot???) was baaad. Every time I tried to explain a situation logically it just fell apart. Pity. I still say Keaton SHOULD have been paid more and not crapped on then we'd have the perfect Dark Knight.