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Monday, 11 January 2016

I Am At Least A Little Bit Happier...For Now

Well, firstly, the Hansrudi Wascher book I ordered last week "cannot be delivered to the UK" and "ching!" refund.  I asked why?  "We do not send items to the UK".  I suggested that maybe they ought to put that on their Ebay items.

Then, five Bastei Wastl comics -I won them but, oh. UK? "We do not send items to the UK"

So, I was two 1970s UK comics -Tarzan no. 4 and Korak Son Of Tarzan no. 1 and thought "feck it" -each were at £1.50 each so I bid £1.75 on each......

I didn't realise (my eyes!!!) that I bid 2 minutes before both were due to end.

But I now have two more to add to my collection.

These are US strips reprinted in the UK and that bottom cover seems almost Berni Wrightson -?

We'll see.


  1. I have a feeling that's a cut up of a Joe Kubert DC cover. I remember one very similar.

  2. MY site so let me comment!!! oh. NOW I can? Thank you blogger. Gits. Yeah, I think Kubert but the female is overlaid which is sometyhing they did with these covers so I'll see when it arrives...."see"...if everythingv not vblurry...can't read this. But at least I was allowed to comment!