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Monday, 18 January 2016

Is It A Fiend? But I Can't See It....Where Is It's Face??!!

Still one of my all-time sci-fi/horror (black and white) movies: Fiend Without A Face starred Marshal Thomson (TVs Daktari) as a US Air Force officer stationed at a base in Canada where a scientist’s thoughts/psyche (remember Forbidden Planet?)  materialize as an army of invisible brain-shaped monsters complete with spinal-cord tails!  These fiends without faces terrorize the locals and death by horrible slurpy-slush sound effects! 

Directed by Arthur Crabtree (Horrors of the Black Museum). This is an outstanding sci-fi/horror hybrid - a special effects bonanza, and a high-water mark in British genre film-making. Yes, we had Brian Donlevy as Bernard Quatermass in The Quatermass Experiment and then Quatermass II (US title Enemy From Space) which are still scary but this movie.....

Someone wrote, snootily, "standard" for this type of movie and added "man,oh man, is that finale worth it!"  And it is. 

Get a chance to see it then do because it is a treat and, yes, that finale!!!!! that...someone moving outside?  I can't....can't see - 


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