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Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Crescent Cowboy Rises While The Crescent Eagle Indian Soars..

....Just go with the flow til I explain.

You see, not everything has to be comic book related.  That said, the scenarios I've had (not to mention the imagined comic strips) looking at these would make a good connection.  Anyway, these are 1960s British plastic toy cowboys manufactured by Crescent.

I've mentioned my little cowboy collection before -remember It's Monday -Time To Paint The Cowboys?

If not how about the much longer Straight Outta Ashton Vale? Jean Hofler and Crescent cowboys as well as hollow lead ones were dealt with in that:
The Crescent cowboys I referred to in the previous post were 60mm whereas these are Crescent 1/32 scale or 54mm versions.  Now, it has been written that the ones given away with Kellogs cereals were unpainted yellow.  In fact, I know that 54mm figures were given away with a few things including washing powder -and some of those were red.  Kellogs did give away Queens and Kings of England flat back figures that were a creamish colour.
A new company is bagging any of the old figures they get and adding a new card header -as below. You'll see these are unpainted figures.  There was no way I could resist these because there are two native American figures that stick in my memory -one was a 60mm mohawk haired guy and the other was the "Winged" Amerind.  This, I believe, represents the Hopi or Zuni Eagle Kachina Dancer -not a fighting figure but remember these figures had everything from woman nursing babies, blanket wearing chieftains and Totem posts.
Below: All I said was that I was going to draw!!! Once I have other things out of the way these will all get cleaned up and then a new -my scheme- paint job.  Just realised a few of these chaps appear to be carrying packed lunches....

oh.  They are bank robbers. Fifty years it took me to realise that!

Jarman's Newsagents and Tobacconist in Mina Road, St. Werburgh's -the memories from that place both comics and toys!

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