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Friday, 8 January 2016

Swedish Comic Books & Small Press

I've been trying to look at Swedish comic books and history as its over....10 years (!) since I wrote about it but the only book I can find is "no longer available" or is so expensive (cover price AND postage from the US because no copies in the UK!) that I have to rule it out.


Also, last time I had any news of Swedens Small Press and fanzines was in 1990 so I would like to learn more.  Anyone got any links or info in English....PLEASE?


  1. I can tell you that the middle picture on the bottom row of the cover there is Car Boy by Max Andersson - it can be found in Hotwire Comix And Capers #1 from Fantagraphics (2006)... Cheap enough on Amazon usually, 136 pages! Car Boy's a wordless story, just like the best of them.

  2. Hi. Really? Yeah, I need to track this book down once my eyesight recovers somewhat!

    1. It's a good book! There's three volumes of it now (to the best of my knowledge), all good... Volume 1 has Max Andersson, Johnny Ryan, Glenn Head, Tim Lane, Judith McNicol, Matt Madden, David Paleo, Mike Wartella, R Sikoryak, Doug Allen, Lauren Weinstein, David Lasky, Tony Millionaire, Onsmith, J Bradley Johnson, Mats, Carol Swain, Sam Henderson, Christian Northeast, Michael Kupperman, Craig Yoe, Ivan Brunetti, Danny Hellman, Mack White and Rick Altergott.

      I haven't got #2, but #3 has all those plus Steven Cerio (amongst others) - nice big A3 size books they are as well.

  3. Hello Terry,wish you the best for 2016. This book is available in French for 15 euros

  4. Hi, Sid. I'll check it out -THANKS! And happy New Year to you, too.