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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

I've Had A Few Emails

Well, over the last three weeks quite a few from the usual UK comic event organisers.... PRs from all those people who don't think I'm good enough to, uh, 'win' a table at their conventions to sell my books to earn a living.

All the same thing "We need the publicity to keep the event alive and the revenue so that we can afford next year and still make a tidy profit -we need YOUR support"

So, as my mind has been elsewhere for a while I decided to reply to all of them and say "I need a table -I'll pay a proper price for- to sell books so I can eat and pay bills and continue as an independent publisher: I need YOUR support! But like you I'll just respond with a 'feck off!'" 

And ONE responded telling me how there were "so many of you new (?????????????) publishers we can't be expected to let you all have a table" And it was in a far more arrogant phrasing. 

 So I responded: "Hi. Good to hear back from you. Been publishing since 1984. Sorry, never made myself clear :F**K OFF!" 

 I feel so bad!

Publishers and especially event organisers seem to think it has all got to be for them and their business or to continue holding gatherings for the same old friends and faces.  "Can I add a link to the blog roll for their site?"  Well, sure, if you can add one to CBO -oh, you can't because that would break impartiality (even though they have links to other comic pros?).  It's a two-way street and YOU can't then I definitely cannot.  The utter bullshit of opening an email stating how they "regularly" (=NEVER) read CBO shows they are just typical slime. They have not read one of my postings on this subject, they are -or were- 'friends' on Face Book but had feed from my page "off".

The UK comics scene is dead to me. From now on any further requests for publicity on CBO for events will get the simple 7 letter response.  Nothing else.

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