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Friday, 15 January 2016

Germany -Everyone is over 6 feet tall, blond-haired and blue-eyed...right?

UP DATE: THANKS to blogger Subzero, apparently the only person to have noticed out of all of YOU, that there are doubles on the list.  Yes, that is how Comics Vine presents it!  So not really 67....which tells you about their effort to find American created German characters and makes my point.

Why didn't I notice the doubles?  Uh, I did.  Yeah. Yes, I did but I was playing mind games with you. But I get the best "get out of that in one piece" excuse ever: it is Comic Vines list reproduced!

Yay!  I don't get to look like an ass!

 I thought I'd while away a few hours by looking online to see if I could find anything more about newer German created super heroes.  I mean, every -every- search kept leading back to me which was very annoying.


The exception was German blogger supremo Subzero's posting on the subject in 2011(?):

The NextArt just do not respond to messages asking about up-dates on Tomppa's Der Engel so the assumption has to be that it's no longer published?  And Dorn Der Morgen Stern I don't think number 5 appeared.

I do not count American created comic book characters.  They are either all clunk-headed very bad stereotypes of Germans and Germany that they are one step away from being racially insulting.  "Hey -let's create a black African super hero.  He's a typical native so we'll stick an animal bone through his hair and another bone through the nose!" Which is as insulting to African people as "He's a German super hero so we'll   make him blond, blue eyed, over six feet tall and he's fighting his Nazi legacy!"

Yes, EVERY German character has to come across a Nazi/neo Nazi or have some link with Nazi experimentation -he's using the Nazi super formula to fight evil and make up for his country's dark past.  Crap.

I think I've covered everything there regarding US comics and Germans?  Seriously, if you have no idea about Germany, its culture, history, mythology and so on do not write this tripe.  It might work in the US where people have no idea where their state capitol is let alone what Europe looks like but you export this stuff....look out.

At a 1980s UK Comic Art Convention I spoke to Jerry Ordway who told me most Americans think Europe is "all cobblestone streets, quaint old house and a bit backward" and then I saw Spider-Man in a Second World War bombed city as American troops moved through it in half track vehicles....uh...well, the 'Americans' were apparently British troops and the setting was....Northern Ireland.

"Meadow muffins"

I know there are no real big publishers doing comics in Germany now but seriously -Manga, Franco-Belgian or US reprints?   The US reprints seem to be condescending to the "low brow" comic fans who publishers will take money from but not offer new, home grown comics to that cover current trends -adventure and super heroics.  Anything like that is not "arty" and it's sad that the arty crowd are still the most vocal in German comics....them and the alleged comic fans who are as bad as those in the UK with negativity and rudeness. In 15 plus years I've had both groups on my back.

It just means that you do not hear from the real comic readers and fans because most do not want to get screamed at on comic forums -about ten years ago one comic fan stood up and supported me on a forum...he was removed as a member -as was I.

If you are a Small Presser or Independent Comic publisher in Germany and you do publish a super hero comic -get in touch!

Let's end by looking at Comic Vine's "Comicbook characters from Germany or with german ancestors." That should be a capital "G", by-the-way, "Fritz", and if you look at this and do not get WHY it is so wrong......phew


  1. You got a few doubles : Wall as number 13 and 66, Key as 42 and 61 and Achilles as 43 and 60.

  2. Ahh. Glad someone noticed! Yep, THAT is the Comics Vine list. Their only reference are DC/Marvel created Germans. In a way it proves my point.

  3. I was wondering if Brainiape from SAVAGE DRAGON counts since it was revealed that the brain in a jar he has on top of his head is actually Hitler´s brain.

  4. Also wasn´t there a character in one of the Alan Moore TOMORROW STORIES kind of anthology things called Gerda Dämmerung ? And let´s not forget Nazi villain Gerda Weiss from TOM STRONG who .... well, used him to reproduce.

  5. Yeah, Alan "Right On" Moore resorted to the super Nazi thing BUT not German created. And Hitler's brain? Oh come on we KNOW Hitler died when he was using the "Hate Monger" disguise and went up against the FF and Nick Fury in Fantastic Four...24? It all goes to prove my point and you just proved that who ever put that list together at Comics Vine was mainly a "Big Two" reader.