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Wednesday, 20 January 2016


'Michael' is banned from CBO.  I have his ISP and I'll be forwarding it to Blogger.

Why?  He's one of those blog trolls and he's been a pain before and I don't give him a second thought.  What I want to do is just warn bloggers and video vloggers that since last November a lot of bloggers/vloggers have come under attack by these people.  Crafters/model makers/cartoonists/writers and some get very upset. 


Just note who the person claims to be and the ISP or url he's using and report them to You Tube, Blogger, Word Press -whichever.

I won't go into what was written by the arschloch in question nor the others. I simply delete and report.  These people are so incredibly stupid they think the internet makes then anonymous -not in many a year!


  1. Thankfully my blog's not popular enough to attract trolls, hoho!

  2. Well,all the problems come from the UK. Every one of them and I know who they are but as the UK is no longer my market and never supports me do I care? BUT there are nice people out there who do not understand WHY they are being treated so badly and they quit. Put me in a room for ten minutes with a bunch of these trolls. I WILL show them what fear is.

  3. Uh, in the nicest possible way...of course.