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Friday, 22 January 2016


Well, it seems Google did not like my original text.  Screw them.  Also, all the images vanished so apologies for re-posting but....this is about Bixby...and Lou!

To me Bill Bixby WAS Dr David (Bruce) Banner and I recall seeing the TV movies and chuckling at the title of the last one: The Death Of The Inbcredible Hulk.  Yeah.  Right.

At the end of the movie I think I just sat looking at the screen for ten minutes. I mean.....WHAT??!!!  I mean Mark Ruffalo is good as Banner (possibly the best of the movies incarnations of that character) but we had a great actor like Bixby and he and Lou Ferrigno graced the screens for 12 years.  Twelve YEARS.

Think the TV Daredevil, Peggy Carter or any other comic based TV show is going to last that long today? In today's throw-away "pop" (for five minutes) culture the idea of following a characters development and his Jekyll and Hyde persona until he becomes a real person you feel for is....well, it won't happen.

I watched Death of the Incredible Hulk ONCE.  That is now hardwired into my brain.

And if you go to Tales From The Kryptonian he has a Bill Bixby tribute post.  Taste.

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  1. Yes, I liked Bill Bixby, both in 'The Magician' and The Incredible Hulk'.