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Sunday, 24 January 2016

DC and Marvel Comics Now Officially Just Movie Test Material

Batman-Odyssey-1-p4When you see a number of sites with a lead like Bleeding Cool that reads: "DC Comics To Relaunch Everything With #1s Again This Summer With A Film/TV Bent" you have to admit that what I've been writing these past few years was spot on.

"Bleeding Cool has run a number of stories about upcoming changes expected after the publication of the issue 52s of the remaining New 52 launch titles from five years ago.  And it seems like it’s time to do the New 52 Relaunch all over again, in June."

Well, I said this months ago.  No one listens, though.  And looking at the post it seems I was right -Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, Flash and Suicide Squad:if it has a movie or TV show the comic may survive but the comics are going to read like the movies and TV shows.

As I also reported many months ago, Di$ney launched their own purge of Marvel comics early one (that I predicted when no one even believed me that DC was buying Marvel) and then came the Marvel movies studio purges.  Comics had to be based on the movies or TV spin-offs or...well, you know. Fantastic Four were culled because the movies based on their flagship comic of decades...were made by someone else.

With DC you had Dan Didio, their version of Joe Quesada: "Yes" men who dropped their pants for the bosses and screw creative integrity.  DC underwent its own little purges and those speaking out were attacked in every media DC or Marvel (editors working in conjunction because THEY were having their authority questioned) controlled or could get into.  We've gone into all that in the past.

And the old "screw them for every penny" trick of going bi-weekly.....AGAIN???

What does this all mean?  Well, eventually, when comic buyers finally have that 15 ton weight drop on their collective feet, it means the Big Two are going to implode. Sales are already dropping and shops struggling to get rid of titles -CBO even mentioned last year how store owners were giving away books and some on the verge of closing up (some have).

No apologies but if it offends you -tough.  If you have been buying the crap DC and Marvel have been turning out you are supporting the collapse of comics. Seriously.  If everyone had said at reboot #23 "Enough is enough!" and stopped buying comics for a month you would have seen how quickly the money men changed things back.

You get the comic industry you deserve.


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