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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Picking At A Publishing Corpse....yeuugh!

Pretty soon if you go to the Black Tower online store, I assume some people do to just look, you'll notice cover prices in Euros, US $s or whatever currency your country uses.

The UK £ will not,or should not, be displayed.  Why?  Well, the UK has been a dead end for a very long time and any books selling do so outside of the UK -which is why I write that I am not part of "UK comics". 

Also, for various reasons I've explained before on CBO, the UK store has caused problems in that HM Tax say it either is a business or it is not a business.  No UK sales seems to confuse them but they've seen all the paperwork and had full access to the online information -in the UK comics scene it is traditional to think you can cheat the taxman -as publishers over recent years found: it's not "the good old days" any more. The tax man says "This is pretty much dead, isn't it?" and I say "Yes.  Yes, it is"

So things will be changed to reflect this.  I think you can still see the online store in the UK because it cannot be blocked, but ordering inside the UK should not be possible.

Luckily, after a shrug I was told I just need to make changes by May this year.  A sarcastic "Unless you get a last minute rush!" said it all, but changes nothing. I think the whole picking at a publishing corpse was somewhat depressing for the man....he should be running the business....well, non-business.

And 2016 started so well (that was sarcasm).

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