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Saturday, 30 January 2016

This Is The Deal -You Send Us Free Books.....THAT Is The Deal.

I suppose if I explain it will all make sense. Looking for shops to take Black Tower books has been a pain.  UK comic shops are not interested because most comic shops in the UK are run by morons who are Marvel or DC fan boys and understand nothing else.

A couple I tried "might" be interested in looking at books but "no guarantees" they could be put on shelves.  Well, I'm not throwing away £30 ($65) on that then.

But here is where Europe has really disappointed.  Even the "right on -we support creators" shops are doing this.

I pick five books to send them that I want to sell. Those books will cost me £20.96 to buy and with postage £28.99 ($65+).

The shop will put their books on their online listing and see if they sell.  If they do then they'll ask for more copies and IF they sell they will work out a per centage to pay me that takes into consideration their time and effort....of typing onto a web page.  No special promotion.

That is it.

What they really want to say is that they will take all the free books they can and if they sell and their conscience pricks them they might send me a "token payment"

Each shop.  Same 'deal'   That is me spending £144.95 ($300.00?) and just "hoping" something might happen.

That, my friends, is called a piss-take.  It shows you are not dealing with right-on creator friendly shops but shop owners who are happy to rip off creators.  No signed contracts or invoices: all done via email.  Good luck with that.

Here's the joke.  I suggested that, perhaps, there were books they were unable to sell so why not me send my books in exchange (one for one) for those unsellables?

"We're running a business.  Each of those books could be sold.  We can't throw away money!"

My response?   "EXACTLY"

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