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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Comic Crappers. Yeah, Another One I Invented (c)(TM) me

You know I said Di$ney would wring as much money from fans as it could?  More "big money-sucking" issue 1s coming.  Seriously.

Then I saw this cover and almost vomited.  Yeah, seriously.
DC and Marvel seem to be trying to turn some titles into teeny bopper books and others...well, it isn't about creative fun any more. 

We know that but what drove myself, and many others from DC and Marvel was the total disregard for characters and treating fans whose money had supported the companies for decades as schmuck piggy-banks.

What I think needs to be asked is why certain comic blogs are going "Wow! Cool! A reboot!" over and over again?  They aren't getting free review books from the companies and if their idea of a good comic is one where the characters die and get rebooted and come back to life to die again and then get rebooted in some awful hack stories then I think "A Moron Blog" would be a good Header.  Or is it to look hip and cool and being scared to speak their minds?  Why?

These people are as responsible as those buying comics, as responsible as the comic shops desperate to shift as much shit as they can and even give books away.  As responsible as any company.

What I write will not make one bit of difference because all of the above are happy to publish, sell and buy crap. I call them "Comic Crappers".

For goodness sakes, people go and check out the Independent Comics publishers who are struggling but bringing out good comics -and, again, Image and that company are not Independents and they are certainly not struggling. Check your local comic event if the local comic shop has no real Independents. Go online and find out who the Independent publishers are and how you can buy their books.

Please do not be a Comic Crapper.

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