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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

2016 Projects Sorted

I've decided a few things.  Apart from getting into designing T-shirts for an online store and scarves 'n' stuff for,  I intend to try to finish the art and begin lettering of The Green Skies by the end of February.  I know.  Dangerous setting deadlines.

After that I intend to get decent sized pages of the D-Gruppe run and colour them all -"old school" with brush, water colours and inks. That will be my major project for 2016 as far as comics go.

Of course, I doubt anyone is going to be interested in D-Gruppe and I certainly have had no luck offering projects to Germany so far.

"Why not colour the Invasion Earth Trilogy?" Well, 350pp + in Return of The Gods about 130(?) pages in The Cross Earths Caper and if the page count with The Green Skies continues the full page count of all three is going to be a thousand plus pages.  That's full time colouring  work for......?

So D-Gruppe it is!

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