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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Black Tower Comics: Journey Of The ID:The Dr Morg Trilogy

Terry Hooper-Scharf
Black & White
52 Pages 
Price: £6.00
Metapsychophysics meets comics. Its the next natural evolutionary step in comic books! 
For the first time all three parts of the highly acclaimed Dr. Morg Trilogy are combined into one volume:



 and the final explosive 


Where is Jack Flash in this prequel to both Return Of The Gods and The Green Skies - is he in yesterday?  Today?  Tomorrow? Is he even on Earth any more or is he travelling through time and space?

In the second story, techno-detective Johnny Neg pays a visit to a night club that never closes where the past, present and future seem to exist and conversations are definitely beyond anything Orwell ever invented!

Dr Morg reveals the secret of Jack Flash and Johnny Negs "journeys" and the dark secret of what he has unleashed in the name of science.....

The final words of Jack Flash from Return of the Gods find true meaning here....or do they?


  1. Yes, indeed. This is the cover.
    Good luck in hospital. I hope everything goes well and you get the help, advice and medicines you need.
    Take it easy and don't worry about too much. The world will keep turning.

  2. "Hospital"??? WHAT?!!! What have you heard?????? My blood sugars were down from 170+ in 2012 to 48, all other tests okay. I was relieved. Who told you what? When? I'm not paranoid just saying!!

  3. Sorry - I probably got confused with dates ( I read these blogs all over ). I read a comment that said - something like - 'I'm putting a package in the post today as I don't know what mood I'll be in after I come back from hospital' the next comment was 'It cost 10 pounds so it had better get there GRRR'
    I'm not sure that's exactly it, but it's what I remember - I assumed you were going in to hospital for a check up ( and I know what those are like - hho boy do I know -). If I got the date wrong and there's no problem then I'm sorry for the screw up and happy happy happy that your fine. I'll check the comments in a few hours after my next classes and see what my mistake was. Happy day !

  4. Just checked back - yep. Sorry. My mistake - you wrote 'see the doctor' - for some reason my brain registered 'Hospital'. I'm a bit all over the place right now. Sorry. I'll try and keep things straight.

  5. No. Basically my bloods were at 48 for diabetes and in 2012 they were 171. Everything seems to have gone very well. I had expected problems because of the meds clashing but...sorted. Just totally shattered.On the plus side I did get to look down the cleavage of two very attractive young female doctors (who really ought to put more thought into what they wear tut tut tut.phwoar). Actually, having been brought up proper like I turned away. Must really think twice about this in future.