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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Lost & Found...on disc!

Amazing what you can find that is not on paper but CD.  Found a load of work I did for various companies. The cover below speaks for itself.   I am NOT going to go into the story behind this but you can guess that the publisher flip-out of the deal...again.
Then there was the publisher who wanted a 48 pager -comics news, interviews the works.  Put together in one week of hard slog.  Publisher then decided that "Independent music is more hip" and that was it. No payments or anything.  I still have the cover!

Considering this is over(?) ten years old the feature heading "The End Of The Avengers -Again?!" could have been used a dozen times since then.


  1. I love the Billy the Cat illo - who is the artist ? Well...DC Thomson's loss.... they have material dating back to the 30's ? It would have been a great comic mixing up the modern and the old... ah well...their loss...

  2. I believe that is Nigel Dobbyn. One time zinester -Super Adventure Stories or Killing Stroke, I can't remember. But he is a great artist and his Billy The Cat freshened every thing up until Thomson screwed him about.