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Friday, 22 August 2014

World War One Exploitation In Comics -hmm?

Alright, someone on Google+ mentioned The Savage Wolverine and how it was set during World War One.  Well, okay, exploitation of a subject currently in the media in in WW I and WW II the Americans are years late. :-P

Anyhow, accurate? No. The pickelhaube (spiked German/Prussian helmet) had the spike removed early on in the conflict.  Also, the helmet, from 1892, was covered by a light brown cloth helmet cover, the M1892 Überzug.  Regimental numbers were sewn onto these.  The spike was a problem and by 1915 and by 1916 you had the stahlhelm.  So the German is not quite right and the first German gas masks were very basic and cloth and NOT face covering.

The British Mark I steel helmet was not introduced until 1916 so the pickelhaube and 1915 helmet together on ....well, someone didn't quite do their research.

How's that for being a pain-in-the arse?

Both covers would put me off.  Hey -any cosp-layers going to conventions in WW I outfits???

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