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Thursday, 21 August 2014

I'm A Genuine Media Genius. meh

Now, I have a Google+ account that gets, some times, in excess the number of CBO hits.  So CBO items get seen by a good few thousand a day (and yet I'm still poor!).

Any old how, I checked Google+ yesterday and got a few surprises.  Okay, quite a few have started posting pretty obscure items that I never saw on Google+  before but I post them and a few days later -voila!

How many weeks have I been writing that there is a Hulk movie on the way?  NOW people are writing that there seems a very strong possibility a Hulk movie is on the way. Wow.

How long ago did I write that the Wonder Woman photo from the "Superman v Batman" movie was not the one you'll see in the movie?  Did I not say that this was actually the FIRST Justice League movie and that the movie might get a name change?  Now everyone is chipping in with these as facts and "very strong" rumour.

So am I a genius?

No. In fact, it's all VERY obvious if you know anything about comics and the companies behind the movies.  Its like the "life long DC fan" who was stumped when I mentioned National Periodical Publications....DCs old name. "DC had another name???"

meh.  I'd be happy to be getting money for this!

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