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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Intervista a Milo Manara - Entrevista / Interview

This interview is in French.  Milo Manara is one of the great comic artists and Marvel Comics KNEW what Manara is famous for -erotic  themed books such as Butterscotch.  Its why they chose him to draw a whole X-Women issue -and draw a Spider-Woman cover.

To look down on an artist/creator because he draws something you do not like is just crass and totally stupid. He does incredible work and yet, because it hasn't been American super heroes, it is just "cheap porno!" It really does make me angry. Study his art and realise that it has a unique creative look but condemn it because of some sex scenes -I guess those critics don't go to see movies?

Just watch. Sorry it's in French but I can find no interviews in the English language. Maybe D. C. Thomson ought to try him on "Keyhole Kate meets Pansy Potter"?

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