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Thursday, 28 August 2014

So I Buy This Comic On Ebay....

Well, it was issue #2 of The Adventures Of The Fly #2 and I got it for just over £5.00.

This is a very early Silver Age comic.

This morning, after torrential downpours, the postman hands me two packages.  One is a cheap A4 brown envelope so I expected to find papers inside. The envelope is coming undone. Its soak. Semi-mangled. I open's The Adventures Of The Fly #2 -unbagged, un-boarded, no protection what-so-ever in the envelope. I now have a wet, falling apart, twisted 'comic'.

For every one person who protects the items sent, around 10 seem to think "oh just chuck it in an envelope" -but you as the buyer are paying for the postage you expect will cover the protected envelope.

*****! ****!  ****!

Just sent a polite BUT strongly worded message to the seller.

This is what a good copy looks like...looking at mine I could cry. It's only bin-filler now.  Survived in Fair condition since 1959....

I'm going off to cry.

UP-DATE. This is the response I just got: "I am so sorry about this. Please accept my apologies."  That's it.


  1. As a regular buyer on eBay, the stupidity of some sellers when it comes to protecting items in the mail astounds me. If I were you, I'd send it back and tell him you want a full refund, including all postage costs. Failing that, send it to me and I'll try and restore it to some semblance of decency and return it to you - no charge.

    Incidentally, that doesn't look like a Kirby cover, the Fly character appearing to be a swipe from an early Captain America cover.

  2. Hi,Kid. Yeah, I'm thinking its a Joe Simon cover. The comic I received was, quite literally, pulping. Its been in a very dry place and now soaked up the rain water that just went through the envelope. I had to bin it as it was falling to pieces in my hands and I have too many papers here! I'm waiting to hear if I'm getting a refund but if nothing by tomorrow its a complaint to ebay. oh, yes, that is a CA swipe as I can see the actual cover it came from in my head.

  3. It's a shame, 'cos you got it for a good price. Quire a few copies are going (or have gone) for hundreds of dollars on eBay.

  4. From legit US dealers between $79-90 and I do not doubt others are selling for much higher!

  5. You're telling me. Here's three prices on eBay at the moment:$124.99, $199.99 & $226.80. The cheapest I saw at a quick browse was $45.