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Friday, 15 August 2014

Sub-Mariner And If you have to ask ... do NOT know me!

I feckin love the character.  The 1940s one was fun but the 1967-74(?) Silver Age version was brilliant with great artwork to boot.  The character was still full of all his royal pain-in-the-arse arrogance but you could still be sympathetic toward him.  A brilliant series (and, no, I don't think the 'secret' 2016 movie from Universal is The Sub-Mariner -there are rumours of Namor in his own film going back to at least the 1950s. Seriously).

I am not so keen on the modern age version who is, basically, totally unsympathetic as a character.  And when they had to start all the crap about "Marvels first mutant" I knew things were going wrong. Technically, as he is a cross Atlantean humanoid and homo sapien he is an hybrid -"but he has wings on his feet!" No, dear heart, those are his ankles.

Still....FECK YEAH!!!

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