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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dr Strange....UK Counterparts in Comics?

As I've been here watching comedies since 11:00hrs, I gradually progressed to H. P. Lovecraft audio stories and then I had to really think about something. It happens.

I've gone through the complete sets of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen with all its -though enjoyable in parts- naiive and almost school-boyish ideas of magic. So, I went to my collection of The Essential Dr Strange and, to be honest, the stories and concepts just blow Moore out of the water. And the pages in black and white actually make the books far superior to the colour comics.

Black and white is best for horror comics.

I want to write a piece on Dr Strange when possible but that might be a bit of a ways off.

A few questions rose, though.  Did we, in the UK, have anything similar to Dr Strange in UK comics?  Yes, we had Spellcaster with Sylvester Turville.  More an alchemist, though. Cursitor Doom -basically a paranormal investigator.  But any who were full spell-casting sorcerors?

So, a question for you Brit comic fans: Can you name such a character from UK comics -or did you get your Magick kick from Dr Strange?

It'll be interesting to find out.

Now, since the arms of Morpheus repell me...on to a Lovecraft documentary!


  1. I'm not a comics historian - but I'll go ahead and say Kotar and Sabuta. What the hell ! I like them as characters ... and Sabuta seems pretty cool to me. I like the feather he has in his turban.

  2. Kotar and Sabuta created, originally out of Plastacine figures to play with, when I was...10 years old. FIRST in print (which counts) in 1984. The feather of the plastacine figure came out of a pillow! 47 years ago....are you trying to depress me??? I remember that I created them because I could not think of a single British comic book sorceror and this would have been ...1967...before I saw Dr Strange in Terrific weekly...if it wasn't Terrific it would be Fantastic. My love of horror started at an early age.